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Important Information


Nomination/Trial Dives

To do a nomination dive you must be Advanced Open Water or equivalent certified. We charge a nomination fee of $75 prior to joining the club (note this applies to recreational dive trips). This is charged on a per diver basis and in return for paying the nomination fee we will give you a free double recreational dive on our boat, called the nomination dive. The nomination dive is a trial dive and gives potential new members an opportunity to try the boat and see what the UEC is about and then to decide if they would like to join. There is no obligation to join after completing the nomination dive but you will only ever be able to do one nomination dive before joining the club.


To book a dive simply select the trip from the calendar above and register. You will be asked to login or register for an account. When prompted for payment select bank transfer and EFT the payment as usual. Unless completing a nomination dive your membership fees must be up-to-date. If you have any problems booking a dive then please email info@uecwa.com.au and we will manually book you on and try to sort the problem.

Note that booking as a passenger is meant for non divers coming to the dive location. It does not guarantee a Rottnest drop off as this will be dependent on the dive site selected on the day and that may change at short notice depending on the weather. Requests for a drop off at Rottnest need to be arranged beforehand with the dive booking coordinator (divebookings@uecwa.com.au).